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Kidney Disease – Part II

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Last week we started our review of kidney disease with some basic information about the function of the kidneys.  Today we will talk more about chronic kidney disease, including causes, symptoms, and how it is diagnosed. What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)? CKD is defined as having some type of…

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Kidney Disease

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March is National Kidney Month.  This is an opportunity for us to raise awareness about kidney disease.  I thought we could start this week with an overview of how your kidneys work and why they are so important.  Then we can talk about the different kidney diseases and what we…

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World Cancer Day

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The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is the largest and oldest international cancer organization dedicated to reducing the global cancer burden.  For the past 20 years, February 4th has been World Cancer Day.  It is a day to bring the world’s attention to cancer and its impact around the…

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Hand Eczema

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Is the skin on your hands dry and scaly?  Do you have cracks on your hands that are painful and sometimes bleed?  You may have thought this was just dry skin, but hand eczema might be the culprit.  About 10% of the US population has hand eczema.  This is often…

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