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The Importance of Vaccines

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There has recently been a serious outbreak of measles, with over 100 confirmed cases across 10 states.  I thought we should talk about the importance of having your children, and yourself, vaccinated for measles along with other infectious diseases. Measles and other infectious diseases are still common in some parts…

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Pinworm Infection

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I have recently answered a few questions about pinworm infections, so I thought this would make a good topic for our Health Tip this week. What is a pinworm infection? The pinworm is a parasitic worm which is in the class of worms called roundworms.  It is a tiny white…

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About 45% of Americans make some form of a resolution for the New Year; with many of those including health conscious goals. Some goals are set too high and may not be realistic. Some resolutions are better for your health than others. For instance, going on a crash diet to…

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