eDocAmerica has the privilege of serving a large variety of companies across all 50 states and over 30 foreign countries. Surprisingly inexpensive, eDocAmerica has a large impact in the marketplace that provides significant value from top to bottom. While we are not limited to the industries mentioned below, the explanations within the categories will help you understand how eDocAmerica can fit into your particular market.


Self Funded Companies

eDocAmerica enjoys serving many self-funded companies across the county. Some are seeking to arm their employees with decisions making tools that help employees make more efficient use of healthcare dollars (see the eDocAmerica ROI study). Other companies are primarily motivated to reduce absenteeism or improve their benefits package. eDocAmerica works to understand the motivations of your company and partners with you to help you achieve your goals.

Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators

Insurance companies often bundle our services within their medical plans in order to provide their members real resources that help them take control of their health and avoid unnecessary office visits. With our technological flexibility we can channel people through a specific website, pursue a private label, and even promote your key initiatives within our platform. Whether you are looking to differentiate yourself in the marketplace or keep a key client, we will integrate with your efforts to offer a seamless experience for your members.

Associations and Discount Cards

Are you looking for a new benefit that brings a great value without a large price tag? You are in the right spot. With ‘health information’ being the number one search on the internet, eDocAmerica is a great fit for associations and discount card companies that want to empower their membership when it comes to health related questions and needs. With eDocAmerica, your membership will have a host of medical professionals at their fingertips 24/7.

Brokers and Re-sellers

eDocAmerica is often used to help people stand out from the crowd. Sometimes re-sellers pick up the cost for their client and use it to help close the deal. Other times eDocAmerica is a value add and sold as a straight pass through or at a modest increase. Whether you are looking to provide a valuable, cutting-edge differentiator or working to develop another small revenue stream, eDocAmerica would love to work with you.

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