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eDocAmerica's mission is to empower individuals and families to take more control of their health. We do this by providing direct, online and telephonic access to a team of medical professionals. Our users ask whatever they want, whenever they want, and are guaranteed personal responses from professionals who know.

With personal responses typically arriving in just a couple hours, our users enjoy a host of other tools including physician written Weekly Health Tips, a toll-free 24hr Nurse Advice Line, a 3D Health Encyclopedia, a Healthy Lifestyle Assessment, and more. eDocAmerica's services result in saved office visits, peace of mind, confidence to act, and ultimately an informed, empowered individual.
Look no further than the eDocAmerica movie for a short, light-hearted overview of our services and value. At the end of the movie you will be given the opportunity to follow-up with eDocAmerica by requesting a demo, quote, or sending us your questions. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.


While riding an average of 6,000 - 7,000 cycling miles a year, Steve started noticing unusual difficulty during his training.

After being told by her doctor that the bump in her neck was nothing to be concerned about, Denise sought a second opinion.
  • Study included 1.45 million claims spanning a two year period
  • Users experienced average annual claims savings of $89
  • No selection bias was present in the findings
  • Results were achieved with only 16% of eligible employees
  • Click here to access the ROI summary and full report.

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